Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week 17 - Something New

Carlos - Temecula: Asher testing the new Furniture line for kids...
Simone-NYC: Little hands
Tatiana - Prague: Welcome to the family Andrea Cerna
Jennifer - Toronto:  Eight years ago, we adopted a handsome boy from Ukraine.
So even though he isn't exactly "new", today we celebrate a NEW year with our son.
Happy Adoption Day, Alexander!
Nadia - Phoenix: I experimented with a NEW shooting technique this week.

Melinda - Buenos Aires:  New flags for a new country for me!

Cindy-Peoria:  The FIRST Robotics World Championship was a whole new
level of competition this weekend in St. Louis for this rookie team.  With over
400 teams competing in total, they were happy (eventually) to earn 2nd place in
in their division.  What a great way to end their first year!
Daniela - Lima: A new family has born.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Week 16

Daniela - Lima:@Buenos Aires Argentina: Argentine horses.
Zulma - Córdoba: It is more than a spider, it seems a Indian Zulu with its painted
face making the rain dance.
Carlos - Temecula: Being chased by the chicks :)

Nadia - Phoenix: We took advantage of the nice weather last week to go on a hiking trip.
Summer is officially here in the Valley, today's high is 100 :-(
Cindy-Peoria:  Alex is learning how to play a new instrument.
Tatiana-Prague:  Adriana turned 3!
Jennifer - Toronto:  Bloor St. is one of the busiest streets in Toronto
(even when it is about to rain!).
Simone-NYC: Hudson River

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Week 15

Carlos - Temecula: Getting ready for next weekend race!

Zulma - Córdoba - Monte Maiz: a flower that gives light??
Daniela - Lima: Joaquín first meal... yum, yum!!!

Cindy-Peoria:  We had a morning full of April showers...
Jennifer - Toronto:  We are excited that the new ballet costume arrived this week!
But since it is supposed to be "a secret" until the recital, my daughter wouldn't let me take a photo unless
I promised not to reveal the color, design, etc.

melinda - saltillo - taryn and her boyfriend, ryan, gave for a visit!
Nadia - Phoenix: I guess I have a thing for the moon.

Tatiana - Prague: Preparing for birthday party while working on magazine

Simone-NYC: My daughter turned 5 on Friday

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week 14

Carlos - Temecula: All about bunnies!

Cindy-Peoria:  I tried a new recipe named, "Slutty Brownies" - because they are
 oh. so decadent and inappropriate (and oh, so delicious!). :)
Zulma - Córdoba: Happy Easter!
Daniela - Lima: Happy Easter! Easter eggs decorated by children @ the Rabbit Party.

Nadia - Phoenix: Build me an obstacle course, you'll get the happiest puppy in the world :-)

Jennifer - Toronto:  Happy Easter!

Melinda - Saltillo - happy easter!
Simone-NYC: Hamptons Beach, NY

Tatiana - Prague: Happy Easter!