Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week 26

Cindy-Peoria:  The two birthday boys teamed up to take on their friends for a
little paintball action - a nice family friendly activity.   :)
Nadia - Phoenix: It's hard to find interesting things to capture in this miserable heat, but I was able to discover some cute oleander flowers shining in the sun. 

Tatiana - Prague: Beautiful view of the Castle in the back.
Melinda - Buenos Aires:  PROM!
Jennifer - Toronto:  Happy Canada Day!  Fireworks at Mel Lastman Square!
Simone-NYC: Salt Creek Beach, CA

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Week 25

Nadia - Phoenix: sun bathing
Jennifer - Toronto:  Happy 8th Grade Graduation to Tyler!!

Cindy-Peoria:  This is the point where Alex started yelling, "Help, I want to get off
of this ride", yesterday at the carnival in our nearby small town.
Tatiana - Prague: Modern and relaxing hotel for the night with the family.
Simone-NYC: Pacific Park Carousel-Santa Monica, CA

Friday, June 15, 2012

Week 24

Nadia - Phoenix: We are having a lot of fun with our new car. For my husband, driving it; for me, taking panning photographs with it :-)
Jennifer - Toronto:  Blue Jays fans LOVE Jose Bautista!

Cindy-Peoria:  Alex had a great first week at College for Kids, learning about
robots, the stock market and slime!

Melinda - Buenos Aires:  Had a photo shoot with Kylie and Zack and when we were taking a smiling break they started making fish faces!

Simone-NYC: View from Governor's Island, New York City

Tatiana - Prague: Little Andrea posing for Mami

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Week 23

Melinda - Buenos Aires:  The harbour in Nassau, Bahamas :)
Nadia - Phoenix: Proudly announce that I just became an United States Citizen! :-)
Tatiana - Prague: Early feedings for Andrea at 5am. The sun and the moon are out there together...

Jennifer - Toronto:  To say that my son likes Captain America is an understatement.

Cindy-Peoria:  We had a very successful Garage Sale this weekend.  We
unloaded sold several boxes full of LEGOs and Star Wars toys!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Week 22

Nadia - Phoenix: Almost 11:00 at night, and it's still 93 degrees. It makes me wanna cry :-(
Jennifer - Toronto:  It is that time of the year when I have to stop my car frequently
to wait for a family of Canadian Geese to cross the road.

Cindy-Peoria:  It was a difficult climb, but we finally reached the summit of
Mt. Baldy in Indiana Dunes State Park
Tatiana - Prague: Tapas night with amazing view of the Prague Castle
Simone: NYC- 2nd row-Radiohead. Most amazing show. Ever.